During the month of September, we’re challenging ourselves to focus on gut health with ‘real foods’ that are naturally refined sugar-free.

Personally, for our family, gut health has been something we have been meaning to undertake for a while and no better time to team it up with a fundraising initiative for Bowel Cancer New Zealand through Sugar Free September NZ.

Take a look at Sugar Free September NZ’s Facebook Page for more details on how to support this fantastic cause. You can either choose to donate to a particular fundraiser (like us!) or set up your own fundraising page yourself, within the Sugar Free September NZ Team.

Here is the link to our Real Food Generation fundraising page, if you want to take a look: www.fundraiseonline.co.nz/realfoodgeneration

Sugar Free September NZ was set up to inspire people to give up refined sugars for the month of September and to spread awareness of Bowel Cancer New Zealand. It’s not easy to give up sugar because it’s in all our processed foods and engrained in our modern-day culture. The transition to ‘real food’ can be hard but well worth it to get your spring back into life.

During September, I’ll be posting our sugar-weaning experiences and how we helped sugar cravings when we changed our diet last year. Primarily though, I’ll be documenting our journey into the world of probiotics because we want to focus into this area ourselves. Gut health encourages a good variety of wholefoods and happy tummy makes you feel happy making it less likely to binge on sugary, comfort foods.

We would like to wish everyone the best of luck next month with Sugar Free September NZ and we would love to hear your stories so please keep in touch.

Such a great idea to organise this Sugar Free September NZ for Bowel Cancer New Zealand, well done Jacinda!

Nicki, Nathan, Max and Chloe x