This was a great little experiment that turned out super tasty and is pasta-free too. Whoops for messing with Italian tradition (sorry guys!).

This is a good one to make in stages too and get ahead on prep. It was actually a combination of leftovers thrown together but here’s the recipe in a more orderly manner.

1. The layers are made up of:

  • Lamb bolognaise sauce w carrots and onions (beef would be as tasty).
  • Baby spinach leaves.
  • Grilled zucchini (courgettes).
  • Parsnip puree.
  • Grated cheese.

IMG_14742. First of all I made up the lamb bolognaise sauce. I browned off 900g of mince with some onions in a stove pot. Added three cans of Ceres Pomodoro e Basilico (chopped tomatoes and basil) which contributed to a really nice flavour because the the tomatoes have a lovely basil taste, delicious! I then added some grated carrots, onions, herbs, salt and left it to simmer for two hours until well reduced and yummy on taste test.

IMG_1475IMG_14813. For the parsnip puree I used a recipe from Jamie Oliver’s website (the original link here). You basically boil finely diced parsnip in milk and herbs until the parsnip is well cooked. Then you put the parsnip and half of the milk into a mini food-processor add some olive oil and blend well. It’s so easy.

4. I then grilled some zucchini’s on a stove top griddle pan and left aside until I was ready to assemble.

5. Lastly I grated some tasty cheese ready for sprinkling on top.

6. When I was ready to put together, I added the lamb mince first into a Pyrex dish. Next I added a layer of baby spinach. Then the grilled zucchini with the parsnip puree over the top. Topped off with tasty cheese last of all.

When we got in from school, I put the whole thing in the oven for 45mins at 180 degrees to heat thoroughly ready for big and small mouths alike.

IMG_1476 IMG_1477 IMG_1478 IMG_1479