Over the last year, since we’ve been on our ‘real food’ journey, I have noticed I get really hungry mid-morning if I don’t have a protein breakfast to start the day.

Some days I actually don’t feel like a heavy breakfast, so on these occasions, I tend to go with the flow and listen to my body. And in these instances, I would opt for a bowl of plain yoghurt, nuts and berries or make a delicious health smoothie to sup during the morning, containing some sort of healthy fat like coconut cream and/or avocado to satiate.

However, most days I like to kick start my morning with a protein breakfast (normally eggs) and when I do, I notice I don’t slump mid-morning and it keeps me going until lunchtime, sometimes longer.

This weekend just passed was crazy busy. We were moving my husband’s office premises and so to give us enough energy to carry out all the tasks ahead I whipped up this little number for breakfast. It was really easy to do and mainly made up of leftovers from the night before.

The base was made up from leftovers of a dinosaur bones tagine (chicken drumsticks, cooked in tomatoes and veges with seasoning). The next layer I added some baby spinach and then topped both bowls off with three cracked eggs and sprinkled with bacon bits kelp sprinkles. I made sure all of the spinach was covered in egg white so it didn’t dry out in the oven.

I then baked both dishes in the oven at 180 degrees for 20 mins and allowed to cool slightly upon serving.


(And for anyone that is remotely interested, we got the office move nailed, really quickly and no mid-morning energy lags in sight!).