imageGlug Away For 28 Days – Who’s with me?

My real food diet is good but my intake of fresh, filtered water each day is appalling. Today, being the 1st day of the month, I’m setting myself up with a challenge and here are my rules:

  1. Take a selfie! without make up or skin products on (see mine below).
  2. For 28 days (1-28 May) drink at least 2L of fresh, filtered water. This excludes additional liquid intake through tea, coffee, vegetables etc.
  3. Set my alarm to prompt myself to drink 1 x 750ml of my Klean Kanteen bottle, three times a day at 9.10am (after school drop), 12.10pm (just before kindy pick up) and 3.40pm (while I’m prepping dinner). These are just times to prompt me to sup my bottle. I’m not intending on necking the whole thing straight away, I just need to keep on top of my water consumption and refill my bottle three times a day.
  4. I’m intending on drinking slightly more than 2L of fresh water a day because of my physical demands, running around after children, walking to school and yoga once a week. Listen to your body and assess your lifestyle to determine whether you need to drink slightly more than 2L of water a day or not. You’ll know what works. If you sweat more with physical exercise, then you’ll need more water on a daily basis, 2L is just a rough guide.
  5. Before and after my planned girls night out (scheduled for the middle of the month), I’m going to ensure my water intake is slightly higher around this time to avoid dehydration after alcohol. I will aso drink water alongside my wine, during that night out.
  6. On the 28 May, I’m going to take another selfie (in the same room, same time with same light) and I’ll compare the differences. I’ll put the original photo (1 May, see below) together with the end result (28 May) and fingers crossed there will be some visual benefits to my 28 days of good water consumption (I’m hoping!).
  7. This is easy and you can start now too. Right now, go fill up your bottle.
  8. Hashtag yourself too at #glugawayfor28days if you’re keen to join! This is not a competition or contest, just a personal goal setting task and I’m sure (if you’re like me, not drinking enough water) you’ll only benefit doing the same too.

Here’s a great article from Authority Nutrition to help spur you on, while you’re supping away.

imageDay 1 – No make-up/products selfie. First day of the #glugawayfor28days challenge.